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In Literature at Large on January 30, 2012 at 6:28 am

2/14/12 – Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some books you should definitely NOT buy for your significant others.

2/13/12 – Anyone with the slightest interest in children’s lit should check out this New York Times feature on books for lil’ ones that deal with the potentially-controversial issue of displaying physical affection.

2/13/12 – In an enlightening article for the Weekly Standard, Martha Bayles attempts to arrive at a working definition of the diverse artistic zeitgeist labeled modernism. Drawing upon the work of literary scholar Michael Levenson, Bayles interrogates the “movement’s” accepted place in history, positing that contrary to the conventional wisdom, modernism was a facet of, rather than a reaction against, the prevailing culture of its time.

1/31/12 –  Read all about the potential hazards of cultivating and maintaining literary friendships outside of college. In other words: think twice before you let all your fellow English majors in on your undoubtedly brilliant ideas. This is particularly relevant for those of us literary-minded scholars who are about to embark on our thrilling adventures in the “real world” (hopefully we’ll have better luck than those unfortunate souls on the reality show).

1/31/12 – If you’re like most college students, you’ve probably spent countless hours of your life scouring JSTOR for citations to bolster your inadequate bibliographies. You’ve also likely asked the questions: “What’s the point? Why waste time finding textual evidence when the unique ideas of an undergrad with a high opinion of him/herself should more than suffice?” Well, according to this article, footnotes often amount to little more than the literary equivalent of shout outs to the countless other artists who make guest appearances on your favorite Lil Wayne records. Shout-outs funded by our college tuition, that is.

1/30/12 –  This article on Gertrude Stein explores how “genius” can function posthumously as a double-edged sword in the literary world.

If you want to see more literary news/stuff, we’ve provided links to some of our favorite sites at the top of the page.

(Much more forthcoming on a rolling basis!)


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