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Campus Literary Goings-On: January 30

In Skidmore Happenings on January 30, 2012 at 6:39 am
Literary Laurels
Congratulations to professors Martha Wiseman and Melora Wolff of the English Department, who recently had essays published. Professor Wolff’s “Fall of the Winter Palace” was featured in the latest issue of Brick, and Wiseman’s “In the Flesh” was published in the Winter 2011 issue of the Georgia Review. (Thanks to the Skidmore English Department’s Facebook page for the tip!)
Upcoming Campus Literary Events
February 1: An evening of song, readings, and theater in celebration of William Kennedy’s latest novel.
Location seems as-of-yet undisclosed, but I’ll look into this tomorrow.
February 16: “Why read aloud?” at the Surrey.
A popular event showcasing pieces that benefit from being read aloud. Contact Prof. Marx ( by February 10 if you would like to read aloud.
Submit to/read our campus publications!

Check out Folio, our campus literary magazine, on Facebook! Also, they have a neat blog with writing ideas and tips. Look for copies from past years around campus. And please submit to
Submit to Palimpsest, Skidmore’s new online literary magazine, welcoming submissions of up to 20 pages in fiction,  creative nonfiction, and poetry. Submissions are on a rolling basis to Their first issue is up and looks wonderful. The editorial staff engages in revision work with writers, and, well, you can probably find all that out on their site. Anyway, it looks to be an exciting new forum for writers and readers and we at SLS eagerly await the next issue!
In the future we hope to feature/review pieces from Folio and Palimpsest, which we hope will create a literary dialogue with and about our community of campus writers!

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